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Source Quick and Cheap Blog Posts

Natasha Nixon is a good service for cheap and quick blog posts if you’re behind on your editorial calendar or need something topical written quickly. You basically send them the title, keywords, number of words, extra instructions and type of copy you need written. There’s also an option for 24 hour turnaround time which is an extra charge per word.

Use Uber Pool for Cheaper Rides

Uber has a convenient carpool option now. If you have 3 or less people getting in, you can choose ‘pool’ which is typically around $3 if you’re only traveling a few miles. It will pick up other people on your way though, so if you’re in a rush I don’t recommend it. I’ve been in it tons of times where nobody else has been picked up and I still get the discounted rate.

Find the Cheapest Flights Possible

There’s a lot of sites out there similar to Skyscanner like Expedia, Priceline, Kayak, etc. But none of these sites have ever gotten me the deals that Skyscanner has. And unlike what their name eludes to, this app/website also find the cheapest hotels and car rentals. I’m not exactly sure how they do it but they find the absolute cheapest flights possible.

Get Coupon Codes for Anything

If you’re booking tickets online – whether it’s airplane, concert, beerfest, or anything else – or buying new clothes, furniture, etc. go to and add the app extension onto your browser. You know in the checkout area when you purchase online they have a box for coupon codes? Well this extension scans the internet for any relevant coupon codes that could get you a really good discount. They’ll share all the codes they find and you can use any that you think will apply.

Speed Up Your Computer

A RAM upgrade is a good place to start. If your system has a RAM of 2GB or less, adding a few gigabytes is inexpensive and it could do the trick. Switching to SSD is another way to speed up a slow computer. A modern SSD can be installed on all types of computers and usually with good results. There are no moving parts in SSDs so the read/write speeds are much better than the older optical or spinning disk hard drives. Also, you can clone your old disk and current Windows installation onto a new SSD.