Simple Ideas That Make Life Better

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Stop Trying to Keep Up

Some people go into debt in order to do things with friends, such as visiting expensive eateries and clubs. Others try to keep up by choosing homes, cars and furnishings that they can’t afford. To make things better, you need to honest about what you can afford. Real friends will understand. Living within your means is the key to saving money.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods

This tip is particularly useful for those with arthritis or other health issues which trigger bouts of inflammation. Examples of inflammatory foods to avoid include nightshade vegetables (tomatoes and potatoes are just two examples) and cheeseburgers. Some athletes, such as football hero Tom Brady, follow inflammatory diets 365 days a year.

Eat Colorful Foods More Often

Nutritionists recommend that their clients make an effort to eat foods of different colors regularly. For example, a red pepper, a green pepper, a purple eggplant and butternut squash all have different vitamins and anti-oxidants. This color-coded approach will help you to get all of the nutrients that you need.

Use Digital Coupons

“Couponing” is very popular these days, especially with Moms who want to spend less in order to care for their kids. Anyone may find and use digital coupons and most bigger companies offer them year-round. Some may be used for online shopping. Others may be printed or shown on smart phones at community-based retail outlets.

Run Monthly Contests Online

Online contests may be organized via Rafflecopter or other, similar online interfaces. They are a great way to promote, especially when entrants have to advertise your company via the World Wide Web in order to participate. Most entrepreneurs find that the cost of giving things away is less than the cost of paid advertising.