Find your paypal preapproved payments

Paypal is a convenient way to order things online, but sometimes we forget we gave access to automatic payments on our accounts.   One of the quickest ways to reduce your monthly expenses if you use Paypal is to check your “active” pre-approved payments.   You may be surprised what you’re paying for which you no longer use.  Click here for info

Review ALL your expenses and make cuts

Use your credit card statements and checking accounts to make a list of all your recurring monthly expenses. Place a checkmark next to ones that you feel can be reduced, replaced or eliminated. Then work the list by making phone calls requesting better deals, or fewer options or just cancelling.  There also apps like TrueBill and Trim that will help you find and cancel subscriptions.  Though I recommend a legal pad or spreadsheet.

Calculate yearly spending on small purchases

Most people tend to dismiss regular low cost purchases like coffee, cigarettes, magazines, drive thru snacks, etc. However, each can often add up to over $1,000 per year. Make a list of these small recurring purchases and figure out what you spend per year. The shock alone will help you reduce these expenses.

Call your cable tv company

Take a long look at your cable tv or satellite tv bill and ask yourself if it’s worth it. Many people are switching to on demand video services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. If you must keep your cable TV call your provider and ask about specials, discounts and ways to reduce costs. One phone call or visit to their office might reduce your bill significantly.