Monthly Nut is a term/expression used to describe the total of one’s monthly expenses. You’ve got to make enough to cover your nut.

Most famously used in the question:  “What’s Your Monthly Nut?”.

As best we can tell the term originally comes from the days when a circus or gypsies rolled into a town. The local sheriff would take the nuts of their wagon wheels until they covered their expenses.

Once they “covered the nut” they’d get it back, put it back on the wheel and ride away to the next town.

We created this site so that our visitors could find ways to reduce their expenses, increase their profits and be more productive.

Let’s face it we’re all BOMBARDED with information every day, usually buried in 400 words of fluff or a 5 minute video. On our site, we just share the best tips that will help you cover your monthly nut.

Our mascot “Monty” is your virtual life coach, business coach, health coach and digital marketing consult.

Why does Monty have a big hand?  It’s so he can slap some sense into your spending and work decisions.

Next time you’re about to make an online purchase, ask yourself.

What would Monty say?

There’s lots more to the idea.. but we’re starting simple..

Each month we add fresh actionable, simple ideas to build a better life.


Dan Nickerson  aka Monty