Content Before Design

Some would think that the next page should be about designing a website or setting up WordPress.

But content is far more important.  Until you have at least a few pages of content or copy it doesn’t make sense to create a website.   I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve seen that look great, but every page says “coming soon” or has placeholder content.

Most people say, “but I can’t write”.  Well, if you can write an email or a 100 word Facebook comment you can write original content for your site..

If you’re an established business assemble all the marketing copy you already have and convert into digital format.  If you talked about your business via email aggregate all that content.  Look for questions you’ve answered via email.   It won’t take long before you realize you’ve got blog posts, FAQ’s, about page content and more.

Don’t overthink your content just start writing and get it published. You can tweak titles, and content later.  If you’re stuck you can find low cost writers on to help you get started, this site is also a good resource.  Very inexpensive articles which you might need to edit before publishing but it will save you time and get you rolling.

Just take action, organize your content in notepad, microsoft word or Google docs until you get your site up.

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