The goal of most websites is to get people to take an action.

  • Join a Mailing List
  • Buy a Product
  • Join a Membership
  • Share Content Socially
  • Make A Phone Call

When someone visits your website and takes the action you want them to that’s a conversion.

The number of conversions divided by the number of visits is the conversion rate.

3 Conversions / 100 Visits = 0.03% conversion rate

If you can make a change to your page so that you make 6 sales per 100 visits you’ll have doubled your conversion rates.

The process of implementing and analyzing these changes is called Conversion Rate Optimization.

And it’s just about the most important thing you need to understand about your business.

Assuming you already have traffic and are generating conversions, how can you improve them?

Here are some simple ideas to improve your conversions (there are 100’s of them)

  • Keep your language simple, your customer doesn’t know your business like you do.
  • Talk about the problems your product/offer solve, not the features of the product
  • Have an FAQ page
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you
  • Share testimonials and case studies on your product
  • Have a clear guarantee or refund policy
  • Test your order process and pretend your a customer
  • Overcome any objections you think customers might have in your copy.

One of my favorite conversion sayings is simply;  Reduce Friction

Figure out what’s stopping people in your order process and fix it.

That’s it for our IM Starter Course.