To say video is hot right now is an understatement.

We talked about how important SEO is for your business, but did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world?

Search for just about anything and you’ll see videos in the search results.    So just like you’d SEO a blog post you can SEO a video.

It’s not rocket science to get video content online. Chances are you’ve got a phone that takes video.

  • Think of a question that people always ask you about your business.
  • Answer it on video.
  • Upload it to YouTube
  • Title it with the exact question you’re answering
  • Write a description that includes a link to your website and relevant keywords.
  • Publish it on YouTube
  • Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Do one video a week for a month.
  • See what happens

It doesn’t have to be perfect or professional.   You just have to take action, then learn more as you go.

Live Video is also growing in popularity, but you need an audience for that to work.   So worry about that later.  Just post videos that will get evergreen traffic.

Unless of course, you’re really funny and engaging and like to be on camera, then Live Video might be for you.

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